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Skill tree
Master Rifleman
Sniping IVConcealment IVCounter-Sniping IVRifle Abilities IV
Sniping IIIConcealment IIICounter-Sniping IIIRifle Abilities III
Sniping IIConcealment IICounter-Sniping IIRifle Abilities II
Sniping IConcealment ICounter-Sniping IRifle Abilities I
Novice Rifleman

Profession Overview Edit

The Rifleman profession is for players who want to deal big damage from as far as possible, especially while staying hidden. Most players suggest that this is not a profession you can just dabble in. Better to master it to get all the nice bonuses to rifle speed and such. Some refer to the profession as the "wizard" class of SWG, due to the ranged form of attack and the inability to wear good armor while keeping up with special shots. His melee defenses are rather weak, so if the enemy comes too close there is trouble. Firing from the prone position gives nice accuracy bonuses, but in that posture the rifleman is extremely vulnerable. This is why it is a good idea to pick up a melee or some kind of other tanking profession. It is a viable PvP profession also.

This profession requires 92 skill points to master, 29 points of which go towards prerequisites.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 3,800,000 Rifle XP (granted for killing MOBs with a rifle)
  • 415,000 Combat XP (granted for killing MOBs with any weapon)

Profession Role SummaryEdit

  • Primary Role: Long Range Damage Specialist
  • Secondary Role: Long Range Crowd Control (Position Control)
  • Offense: Very Strong (5)
  • Defense: Minimal (1)
  • Crowd Control: Moderate (3)

The Rifleman is an expert at long distance damage (note that one objective of the Combat Upgrade is to raise the range of combat from the current 64 meter maximum). Riflemen have a few support abilities to help them in this role including abilities to conceal themselves and keep opponents at a distance for a short while. Once an opponent has closed the distance however the Rifleman is extremely vulnerable.

Getting Started Edit

Training Novice Rifleman requires 125,000 Rifle Weapons XP, and two branchs from Marksman:

You can find a Rifleman trainer in one of 5 locations:

Branch Overviews Edit

Sniping Accuracy Edit

The rifleman learns to hit more accurately by spending XP in this branch.

Concealment Edit

This branch gives general ability to hide, also grants Conceal Shot which makes the prey confused by not knowing where the shot came from. Later the Sneak ability is gained which enables the rifleman to crawl while in Cover.

Countersniping Edit

The rifleman gets a lot more general ranged defense developing this branch. This branch also contains the final rifle certification for the DXR-6b Rifle.

Rifle Special Abilities Edit

This branch requires combat XP instead of Rifle XP and grants rifle speed bonuses.

Related Skill Mods Edit

Total skill mods at Master Rifleman listed.

Abilities Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Head Shot/headshotRanged attack that can clear a target from cover.Novice Rifleman
Improved Head Shot/headshotRanged attack that targets the Mind pool and causes a Mind bleed.Sniping I
Conceal Shot/concealshotLow dps ranged attack allowing you to remain undected to NPC's and creatures.Concealment II
Improved Conceal Shot/concealshotLow dps ranged attack that can stun and force target up in posture. Countersniping I
Startle Shot/startleshotAverage dps ranged dizzy attack.Rifle Abilities I
Improved Startle Shot/startleshotHighest damage ranged Mind pool attack.Sniping II
Advanced Startle Shot/startleshotLow dps attack that can cause force target up in posture. Counter-Sniping II
Sniper Shot/snipershotLow dps ranged surprise attack. Currently broken.Sniping III
Improved Sniper Shot/snipershotHigh dps AoE attack that can stun targets and force them up in posture.Counter-Sniping III
Advanced Sniper Shot/snipershotAverage dps AoE attack that can dizzy targets.Rifle Abilities III
Improved Aim/snipershotRanged Deathblow attack for PvP.Sniping IV
Advanced Aim/aimHigh dps AoE attack that can force targets up in posture.Counter-Sniping IV
Kneecap Shot/kneecapshotHigh damage AoE attack that can remove targets from cover.Master Rifleman
Improved Kneecap Shot/kneecapshotInnate ability that allows you to slowly move while prone and taking cover.Concealment III
Conceal/concealInnate ability that allows you to slowly move while prone and taking cover.Concealment III

Descriptions are based on the Rifleman FAQ on the Official Rifleman Forum.

Certifications Edit

  • Armor - Reconnaissance
    • Bonus/Penalty: +1000 Engergy, -1000 Kinetic
    • Appearances: Mabari, Tantel, Ubese, Ithorian Guardian, Kashyyykian Ceremonial, Rebel Marine, and Imperial Scout Trooper
  • Weapon - Rifleman only Rifles
    • 10 Recon Bowcaster - Marksman Rifles IV - wookiees only
    • 14 Spaystick Novice Rifleman
    • 40 Tenloss DXR6 Disrupter Rifle - Master Rifleman
    • 54 Assault Bowcaster - Master Rifleman - wookiee only
    • 54 T21 Rifle - Master Riflman

Complimentary Professions Edit

  • Doctor, for its great healing abilities and defenses. Can make rifleman tanks.
  • Pistoleer, for good complimentary specials and added defences.
  • Bounty Hunter, one of the most popular BH templates due to Riflemans high DPS.

Community Information Edit

Profession Name Correspondent: Ackehece
Former Correspondents:

  • Waste93

Rifleman Forum: Official Rifleman Forum

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