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Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 62

Description: Retrieve the research data and IMGGCUs from the Imperial Resarch Facility on Lok.

Tasks: Find the Imperial research Facility at (/way lok 904 -4192). It has been noted that driving directly from Nym's Stronghold to the given waypoint will take you directly through Kimogila Town. Be careful not to get chewed on by Kimogilas if you decide to use a speeder to get there.

The facility is guarded by the following:

Once inside you can find an IMGCCU Prototype in the Supply Crate (/way 854 -4234 Supply Crate). Click it to complete the task. Once this has done you will need to search for a Research Data Holodisk. The Computer Storage Unit (/way 911 -4261 Computer Storage Unit) contains the research Nym requires, click it to complete the task. Once this has been done and you have completed all slayer and other collections in the area, return to Kole.

/way purple 854 -4234 Supply Crate
/way purple 911 -4261 Computer Storage Unit

Note: There is an item collection set in the Imperial Research Facility for Systems Data Control Terminals as well as some unattackable scientists standing around.

After completing the job for Kole he thanks you in his own special way and sends you on to Nym.


  • 52630 (Quest Experience)
  • Money: 35000 credits

Note: Not Repeatable. Combat.

Following Quest: Speak to Nym >>

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