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Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 60

Description: Steal the Mine filter from the filtration system in the Imperial mine and return to Jinkins.


You need to find and make your way into the Imperial Mine. You have already got a waypoint for the mine so just follow that. The cave is filled with Level 60-61 Normal MOBs that deal mainly energy damage.

  • Droidekas
  • Enraged Miners
  • Maddened Miners
  • Infuriated Miners

Aside from the MOBs you will also find Mined Ore collectibles, and you can use the DNA extractor whilst targeting "Enraged Miners" to activate the collection.

Inside you will need to retrieve the filter from an Air Filtration System. Head to the bottom of the cave, there is only one route down so this should be easy

/way yellow 6595 3900 Air Filter;

Once you have found the filter (and completed any other parts of any other quests) you should return to Jinkins.


  • 48631 (Quest Experience)
  • Money: 33000 credits

Note: Not Repeatable. Combat.

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