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Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 58

Description: Infiltrate the Sulphur Lake Pirate hideout and retrieve the Droid Disk.

Vana confirms for you that the Pirates have already moved the droids you're looking for to their "secret" hideout. Find the Sulphur Lake Pirate Hideout - but be wary of their "bridge troll".

  • The caves are guarded by the following:
    • Pirate guard (CL57)
    • Pirate sharpshooter (CL55)
    • Pirate captain (CL57)
    • Trained veeermok (CL21)
  • Find Security Systems

The caves split at the beginning - go Left all the way to the bottom until you come to a Hacker next to a Terminal:

/way yellow -2848 -48 -712 Terminal;

The Hacker tells you that he's been trying to slice the security, and he knows he can do it except that it keeps asking him the strangest questions. You, of course, are prepared for this, having spoken to Choster and done a Wikipedia search on the color wheel. The answers to the questions, in no particular order, are:

  • "Orange" for the colorwheel question
  • "720" for the math question
  • "Sir!" for the joke punchline

Once the security is down, go straight in and click the Defunct Droid inside. You will need to return to Vana Sage - she will give you the next part of the mission.

Note: While there you may want to get the collection item for Rare Melee Weapons close to the droid at /way -2816 -710.


  • 44886 (Quest Experience)
  • Money: 30000 credits

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