Niko Brehe

You've made your way to Niko in Short Walk. He tells you that a rival gang has stolen some items from Jabba and he wants you to not only retrieve his possessions, but to teach them a lesson.

Level: 10


Mos Eisley has a cold form of justice. If you are the boss, you make the justice. Jabba is boss here and his justice is harsh. Don't expect to cross him and live. These gangers are lucky; Jabba didn't want to torture them.

Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher

Conversation with NikoEdit

Niko: Jabba says you're good muscle. Well I need a rival gang roughed up. Think you can do that?
PC: What did they do?
Niko: They killed one of Jabba's couriers and stole some valuable Old Republic coins. Jabba wants them back.
PC: What about the gangers that have them?
Niko: Jabba wants them dead as an example to any other upstart gangs.
PC: You want me to kill them in cold blood?
Niko: It won't be cold, pal. I can tell you that.
PC: I'll see if I can get your coins back.
Niko: Yea, coins. Just make sure those gangers are dead.

Kill Swoop Gangers to Recover Jabba's CoinsEdit

You are provided with the waypoint of 3183, -4786. The location is just outside the Mos Eisley walls. When you get there, the area is littered with aggressive CL 6-9 Swoop Gang members. You need to kill them until you find all 5 of Jabba's coins. Not every NPC kill will give you a coin.

Return Coins to NikoEdit

Niko: Here's your money. Bib wants you to talk to Dunir about doing a delivery for him.
PC: Deliveries? What am I suppose to deliver?
Niko: A package for Dunir. That's all you need to worry about.
PC: So what if I refuse?
Niko: I let the local authorities know you were the one that killed those gangers. Then all you have to worry about is dodging the law and Jabba's hitmen.
PC: This deal is getting worse all the time.
Niko: It's better than being dead. Here's where you can find Dunir.
PC: Got it.
Niko: Bye.

Niko has given you the quest, Find Dunir.

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