Karl in his cell

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Level: 26


Karl Eckener amassed a sizeable debt to both the Darkwalkers and the Skaak Tippers. Despite doing what both groups asked in exchange for payment of this debt, Karl has not been released. No more playing by their rules, it's time to rescue Karl.

Conversation with Hugo EcknerEdit

Hugo Eckner: No. No! We've done everything they've asked, and yet my son has not been released. I have no other choice. There's only one option left.
PC: What option is that?
Hugo Eckner: I need you to rescue my son, Karl. I know this might put his life at risk, not to mention your well being, but I see no other way.
PC: Not to worry, I'll help rescue him.
Hugo Eckner: Thank the Force! The first problem is that I don't know if the Skaak Tippers have Karl or if the Darkwalkers do. Whichever it is, he'll most likely be at their base near Theed. You'll have to search them until you find Karl. Which would you like to start with?
PC: I'll start with the Darkwalker cave.
Hugo Eckner: Thank you! Thank you. Please hurry! There's no time to waste.

Search the Darkwalker CaveEdit

Hugo’s son, Karl, has not been released despite the promises of the two criminal groups - everything you have done up to this point has been for nothing. It's time to wade in and get him. Save yourself some time... his gambling fool of a son is in the Darkwalker cave so pick that option from Hugo.

/way naboo -4290 4350 Darkwalker Cave;
/way naboo -4191 4289 Karl Eckner;

Conversation with Karl EcknerEdit

Karl Eckner: Who are you? Can you help me?
PC: Your father sent me to rescue you.
Karl Eckner: My father? Didn't he do what they asked?
PC: Yes, but they still did not release you.
Karl Eckner: Oh. I see. I guess I need your help then. I overheard them talking, so I know that you'll need 3 codes to release me. Get the codes and use them in the prisoner constraint console over there. Add me to the access list so that I can use the console to free myself.
PC: How do I get the codes?
Karl Eckner: The Darkwalker leaders have them. Solon Gaw, Critolus Masse, and Marcus Gaw. You'll have to, um, take the codes from them.
PC: I'll be back when I have the codes.
Karl Eckner: Good luck. And thank you.

Speak with Karl when you find him. To rescue him, you need to kill 3 Darkwalker leaders in the following order:

Defeat Solon Gaw and get the First CodeEdit

/way naboo -4181 4210 Solon Gaw - (a Darkwalker Aegis Guard) (CL26);

Defeat Critolus Masse and get the Second CodeEdit

/way naboo -4172 4394 Critolus Masse - (a Darkwalker Underlord) (CL27);

Defeat Marcus Gaw and get the Third CodeEdit

/way naboo -4028 4297 Marcus Gaw - (a Darkwalker Bloodlord) (CL27);

Karl Eckner: Now that you have the codes, use the prisoner constraint console on the gate to override the security access on the cell controls.

Use the Prisoner Constraint Console to Free Karl EckenerEdit

Killing them gives you three security codes, which then have to be entered into a control panel next to Karl.

Conversation with Karl EcknerEdit

Karl Eckner: I'm free! I almost cannot believe it. Thank you! Thank you very much!
PC: I can escort you out of here.
Karl Eckner: That's not necessary. Now that I have access to the prisoner constraint console, I can deactivate the cell bars and make my own way out, but thank you. Please let my father know that I'm free. Tell him I'll be there soon, if not before you.

Speak with Karl EckenerEdit

Speak with Karl, and he tells you he doesn’t need an escort out.

Return to Hugo EckenerEdit

Get back to Hugo who will thank you and send you back to Pooja Naberrie to complete the quest.

Conversation with Hugo EcknerEdit

Hugo Eckner: Thank you! Karl is back. I've made sure he's safe. Thank you for everything.
PC: Is there anything else I can do?
Hugo Eckner: Well, I guess you need to return to Pooja and speak with her. But as far as I'm concerned, you've already accomplished much more than I could have dare hoped. Thank you very much!

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