Karl in his cell

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Level: 26


Hugo’s son, Karl, has not been released despite the promises of the two criminal groups - everything you have done up to this point has been for nothing. It's time to wade in and get him. Save yourself some time... his gambling fool of a son is in the Darkwalker cave so pick that option from Hugo.

/way naboo -4290 4350 Darkwalker Cave;
/way naboo -4191 4289 Karl Eckner;

Speak with Karl when you find him. To rescue him, you need to kill 3 Darkwalker leaders in the following order:

/way naboo -4181 4210 Solon Gaw - (a Darkwalker Aegis Guard) (CL26);
/way naboo -4172 4394 Critolus Masse - (a Darkwalker Underlord) (CL27);
/way naboo -4028 4297 Marcus Gaw - (a Darkwalker Bloodlord) (CL27);

Killing them gives you three security codes, which then have to be entered into a control panel next to Karl. Speak with Karl, and he tells you he doesn’t need an escort out. Get back to Hugo who will thank you and send you back to Pooja Naberrie to complete the quest.

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