Ren'Salla's Stone

From the body of a Urnsor'is, you find a mysterious stone with an inscription. It looks like this stone belongs to someone named Ren'Salla.

Level: 78


Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

Finding the stone[edit | edit source]

As the description states, you can find this stone when you loot the corpse of a Urnsor'is. It is a randomly looted item. Once you have the stone, just use the radial menu to "inspect" the stone to take this quest. Unfortunately, this quest is not repeatable, but the stone is tradeable.


You came across a stone, belonging to someone named Ren'Salla according to the inscription. Whoever this Ren'Salla is, he or she may be glad to that you brought the stone back.

Finding Ren'Salla[edit | edit source]


Ren'Salla is the leader of the Refugee Camp in the Myyydril Caverns. While in the Myyydril Caverns, you can either do a /target Ren'Salla, or you can actually travel to the /way -205 -35

Ren'Salla: What do you want? (Ren'Salla starts accusingly.)
PC: I found your runestone. Here.
Ren'Salla: This old thing? Pfft. I threw that at a Urnsor'is a long time ago. (Ren'Salla stares you down.) It's the thought that count's though, right? (She shrugs.) You can have this, then.
PC: Thanks!
Ren'Salla: Yeah. (Ren'Salla scoffs.) Now, get out of here.

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