Recycler is a type of container that is found as engineering schematic loot. It can be used to convert named resources into smelted versions of the same resource family. This process changes the resource stats to 200. Recyclers can only be crafted by Engineering Traders using various limited use schematics. Recyclers are listed on the Bazaar Terminal under Misc » Container.

  • You can get all items to build recyclers (including the schematic) looted from meatlumps. No need to run around the galaxy hunting specific creatures. One hunt in a meatlump respawn point and within an hour or two you should have all the recycler schematics and items to build them. There is a note that says as of Patch 27 all NPCs now drop these components. That may be true, but I have yet to see the concentration of components that meatlump camps have in any other NPC.
  • It should also be noted that in order to use these recyclers you must have them in your inventory.
  • Also note that I have found a strange glitch with these recyclers. You have to use the radial menu to tell the recycler what type of resource to use. For example if you wanted to recycle all the bits of water you have into one stack of water you would have to use the radial to set the chemical recycler on water. If you wanted to then use that recycler for another type of chemical you have to drop the recycler and pick it up again. I have yet to be able to change the recycler more then once while it's in my inventory.
  • I found setting another recycler in ur inventory to bypass this anoying glitch yet not fixed but avoidable.

Recycler components[edit | edit source]

Recycler components are listed on the Bazaar Terminal under Misc » Generic Item.

Recycler components
Recycler Agitator
Feed Tube Heating
Pulverizer Small
Power Motor
Chemical 1 1
Creature 1 1 4 4
Flora 1 1 1 4
Metal 4 1
Ore 8 1

SWG Legends has a Gas Recycler which requires 6 x heating Element and 1 x Small power motor[edit | edit source]

Recycler subcomponents[edit | edit source]

Recycler subcomponents are listed on the Bazaar Terminal under Misc » Generic Item.

Recycler subcomponents
Component Agitator Motor Cheap Copper Battery Blue Wiring Red Wiring
Agitator Motor -- 1 2
Tumble Blender 1 2 3
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