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A Muskeg Gungan

Level: 28

  • 9540 Quest XP
  • 9468 credits


Another of the stolen Gungan artifacts is in the possession of the Muskeg.

Defeat Muskeg Anarchists[edit | edit source]

A simple kill mission. Kill 9 Muskeg Anarchists (CL27) at the Muskeg Anarchist Camp

Boss Nass: None of da Muskeg Anarchists had da artifact. Try da Muskeg Extremists next.

Defeat Muskeg Extremists[edit | edit source]

Kill 11 Muskeg Extremists (CL28) at the Muskeg Extremist Camp (-1726 -5682)

Boss Nass: Da Muskeg extremists didn't have da artifact eider. Maybe da Muskeg reactionariin' have it.

Defeat Muskeg Reactionaries[edit | edit source]

Kill 9 Muskeg Reactionaries (CL29) at the Muskeg Reactionaries Camp (-1735 -5765)

Boss Nass: Hmm. None of da henchmen had da artifact. Maybe 'tis actually wid da leader dissen time.

Defeat Flossin Noz, a Muskeg Zealot Chief[edit | edit source]

Kill Flossin Noz (CL31) (-1735 -5765)

/way purple naboo -1735 -5765 Flossin Noz;

Return to Boss Nass[edit | edit source]

Return and speak to Boss Nass to complete the Quest.

Conversation with Boss Nass[edit | edit source]

Boss Nass: Yet again yousa are successful, and da third artifact has been returnin'. Da Darkwalkers have da next artifacts.
PC: Darkwalkers. Nearby, I presume?
Boss Nass: Yin', dey have a camp nearby. Dat bein' da place to start.

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