Rebel recruiter is a type of Rebel Alliance NPC. Rebel recruiters can be found throughout the galaxy, nearby Rebel Mission Terminals, and inside rebel player Faction Bases.

Rebel recruiter options
Rebel recruiters
Planet City Waypoint Notes
Corellia Coronet /wp -342 -4466 In the back of the cantina
Corellia Tyrena /wp -5259 -2521 In the back of cantina, across town from starport
Dantooine Abandoned Rebel Base /wp -6817 5511
Naboo Moenia /wp 4827 -4697 In the back of the cantina and just outside the starport
Rori Rori Rebel Outpost /wp 3683 -6460
Talus Dearic /wp 415 -2931 In the back of the cantina
Tatooine Anchorhead /wp 137 -5349 On the floor below
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