Planetary Control BonusEdit

If your faction is currently in the lead of the Planetary Control Game a discount is applied to the faction items. The discount depends on the actual score of the Planetary Control Game. The Maximum known discount is a 66.6% discount to all costs if your faction has positive points in the Planetary Control Game and the opposition has 0.

A list of GCW rewards can by found at the Game Update 15 Rewards page.

Faction items by rankEdit

Enlisted ranks Edit


Item Credits
R2 Droid Schematic 165000 cr (Schematic)
R3 Droid Schematic 180000 cr (Schematic)
R4 Droid Schematic 195000 cr (Schematic)
R5 Droid Schematic 210000 cr (Schematic)
Surgical Droid Schematic 16500 cr (Schematic)
Dead Eye Prototype 15000 cr (Schematic) A dosage of the prototype drug Dead Eye. This drug will significantly increase the user's accuracy for a brief period of time.
Munition traders
Rebel Assault Rebel Battle Rebel Marine Cost
Rebel Assault Armor Boots Rebel Battle Armor Boots Marine Armor Boots 20,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Chest Plate Rebel Battle Armor Chest Plate Marine Armor Chest Plate 30,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Gloves Rebel Battle Armor Gloves Marine Armor Gloves 20,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Helmet Rebel Battle Armor Helmet Marine Armor Helmet 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Left Bicep Rebel Battle Armor Left Bicep Marine Armor Left Bicep 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Left Bracer Rebel Battle Armor Left Bracer Marine Armor Left Bracer 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Leggings Rebel Battle Armor Leggings Marine Armor Leggings 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Right Bicep Rebel Battle Armor Right Bicep Marine Armor Right Bicep 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Right Bracer Rebel Battle Armor Right Bracer Marine Armor Right Bracer 25,000 cr
These schematics are available only to munition traders, have 10 uses, and are uploaded directly to the buyer's datapad.


High TrooperEdit


Item Credits Image
Laser Carbine187500
Scout Pistol40500
Metal Staff30000

Senior Sergeant Edit

Item CreditsImage
Small Block Turret? (120000)
Small Dish Turret? (120000)
Small Tower Turret? (120000)
DRX-55 Mine? (12000)
SR-88 Cyro-Mine? (12000)
XG Mine? (12000)
Painting We will never surrender? (375000)
Reb neversurrender

Sergeant MajorEdit

Item Credits Image
Medium Block Turret150000
Medium Tower Turret150000
HQ: Forward Outpost525000
HQ: Field Hospital1050000
S.F. HQ: Forward Outpost750000
S.F. HQ: Field Hospital1500000
Crimson Phoenix Medal of the Rebel Alliance - 4 stat necklace:30 Con 24 Pre 24 Str 30 Luck240000

Officer ranks Edit


Item CreditsImage
Large Block Turret(210000)
Large Dish Turret(210000)
Large Tower Turret(210000)
HQ:Tactical Center(1875000)
HQ:Field Hospital(3600000)
S.F.HQ:Tactical Center(2325000)
S.F.HQ:Detachment Hedquarters(4500000)


Item Credits Image
Factional Banner81600(80000)
Reb banner

GCW Banner

This banner can be placed everywhere. It's non-consumable, just have a 30 min. cooldown. It's stays on the ground for 3 min. and provides some AOE buffs (depending of the profession of the player who established it):

Profession Buff Effect
Jedi Aura of the Force +100 Strength
Officer Aura of Command +100 Precision
100 Precision
Commando Aura of Destruction Chance to Fire an Additional Effect
Spy Aura of the Hidden +100 Agility
100 Agility
Bounty Hunter Aura of the Assassin Critical Hit Chance Modified by 5%
Medic Aura of Health +100 Constitution
100 Constitution
Smuggler Aura of Luck +100 Luck
100 Luck

When this banner disappears, it's buffs lasts another 10 min. Player can place GCW Banner even "On Leave". All 7 buffs can be stacked.


Item Credits Image
Grey Spec Ops Armor Leggings137700(135000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Belt114750(112500)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Boots122400(120000)
Technical Readout of an Rebel Spec Ops Armor Dye Kit38250(37500)


Item Credits Image
Grey Spec Ops Armor Left Bicepxxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Right Bicepxxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Left Bracerxxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Right Bracerxxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Glovesxxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Helmetxxxxxx(150000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Chest Platexxxxxx(225000)


Although You're technically able to wear two identical rings (such as Relic [Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Droid Engineer, e t. c.] Rings) at same time and have double effect, here is impossible to equip two Colonel Rings at same time! Also - You're still can purchase more than one, but You can't have more than one in same container. Finally - You can store it only a) in the Bank, b) equipped on Your finger and c) unequipped on the top level of Your inventory... so, only 3 rings max. @ Legends, 2019

Item Credits Image
Colonel Ring
(24 Strength, 60 Constitution, 24 Precision, 40 Agility)
Colonel ring

Rebel Colonel Ring

BARC Command Vehicle2100000

BARC Command Vehicle


All these weapons are deconstructable (with "No Trade" and factional restriction removal but establishing Bio-Link to it's owner during crafting session), and all weapons but Exceptional DL44 Pistol and Legendary Reaper Cannon have an "Overwhelming Firepower" proc effect, landing a -40 Luck / -15 Precision / -30 Agility / 30 sec. debuff (will be lost after reconstruction!). Legendary Reaper Cannon is just a good heavy weapon. Exceptional DL44 Pistol is an exceptional pistol with 1192 DPS and CL 75. Windu's Guile is a Jedi Lightsaber Color Crystal, not a true weapon. @ Legends, 2019

Item Credits Image
Windu's Guile2,000,000
Windu's Guile

Windu's Guile

Exceptional Rebel DL44 Pistol200,000
Rebel DL44

Exceptional Rebel DL44 Pistol

The Legendary Starlight Carbine200,000

The Legendary Starlight Carbine

The Legendary Crimson Nova Pistol200,000
Nova detail

The Legendary Crimson Nova Pistol

The Legendary Vortex Rifle200,000
The Legendary Reaper Cannon190,000

The Legendary Reaper Cannon

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