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Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

The Rebel Themepark begins at the Hidden Rebel Base on Corellia. You will eventually interact with many of the Rebel heroes as you go on quests and have an adventure throughout the galaxy.

This Theme park is split up in 4 parts, each situated in a different location. You must be combatant to take part in them.

Part 1, Corellia - Hidden Rebel Base[]

The Hidden Rebel Base is located at /way -6508 5985 on Corellia. The closest starport is Kor Vella.

Part 2, Lok - Cantina[]

There is only one spaceport on Lok and the Cantina where you'll find Nien Numb and Han Solo is close by.

  • Nien Nunb, in the cantina in the corner of one of the cubicles.
  • Han Solo, in the back room of the cantina.

Part 3, Dantooine - Abandoned Rebel Base[]

The Abandoned Rebel Base is located at /way -6858 5725 on Dantooine.

Part 4, Yavin IV - Temple of Exar Kun[]

The Temple of Exar K'un is located at /way 5080 5537 on Yavin IV.

Luke Skywalker at the end of the Rebel Themepark