Static NPCs Edit

Static faction NPCs are the only unattackable faction characters in the game. The devs have stated that they wanted to keep all faction related NPCs attackable (as much as possible); this was one of the reasons for removing the Rebel and Imperial honor guards from the event perk list. The following static faction NPCs are necessary for keeping certain game mechanisms working.

Rebel Troops Edit

These are some of the Rebel NPC's that can be found throughout the galaxy. Hitpoints for NPC's are generally close within a given Combat Level. Faction Points (FP) rewarded for killing the same NPC are always the same. Note that NPC's generated from missions will be of similar combat level as the group and may not conform to this list.

This is not a complete list, and should be added/corrected as needed.

Battle Ready Rebel Recruit Edit

  • Level: 32

Crack Rebel Rifleman Edit

  • Level: 50 Elite

Fresh Rebel Rifleman Edit

  • Level: 25

Frightened Rebel Recruit Edit

  • Level: 14
  • Location: Anchorhead ,Tatooine

Fatigued Rebel Officer Edit

  • Level: 25

Inexperienced Rebel Cadet Edit

  • Level: 30

Rebel Colonel Edit

  • Level: 24
  • Location: Naboo
  • Deathblow: Yes

Rebel Commando Edit

  • Level 89
  • Difficulty: Elite
  • Location: Rori: (7290, 110)

  • Level 90
  • Location: Endor

Rebel Corporal Edit

  • Level: 26

Rebel Dead-Eye Edit

  • Level: 36 Elite

Rebel First Lieutenant Edit

  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Rebel General Edit

  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Rebel Guard Edit

  • Level: 25

Rebel Guard Captain Edit

  • Level: 25

Rebel Lieutenant General Edit

  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Rebel Medic Edit

  • Level: 16

Rebel Resistance Agitator Edit

  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Rebel Scout Edit

  • Level: 90
  • Difficulty: Elite
  • Location: 10 1991
  • Planet: Rori

Rebel Second Lieuteneant Edit

  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Rebel Senior SpecForce Marine Edit

  • Level: 20
  • Deathblow: Yes

Rebel Senior SpecForce Technician Edit

  • Level: 20
  • Deathblow: Yes

Rebel Sergeant Edit

  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Rebel Spec Force Lieutenant General Edit

  • Level: 28

Rebel Spec Force General Edit

  • Level: 29
  • Deathblow: Yes

Rebel Sharpshooter Edit

  • Level:

Rebel Soldier Edit

  • Level: 25

Rebel Squad Leader Edit

Level 29

Rebel Trooper Edit

  • Level: 15
  • Location: Anchorhead , Tatooine

Rebel Warrant Officer Edit

  • Level: 18
  • Deathblow: Yes

Senior SpecForce Marine Edit

  • Note: Mission Terminal Spawn

SpecForce Interrogator Edit

  • Note: Mission Terminal Spawn

SpecOps Alliance Free Agent Edit

SpecOps Trooper Edit

  • Level:
  • Location: Naboo
  • Note: Terminal Mission spawn

Veteran Sith Hunter Edit

  • Level: 80

Watchful Rebel Guard Edit

  • Level: 50 Elite

Rebel TrooperEdit

  • level:15-25
  • Location:Anchorhead ,Tatooine.

Faction Base NPCs Edit

Faction Base: forward outpost

  • Door: 6
  • left, right, front, back: 3
  • inside: 6

(Previous HAM levels, for reference until new chart filled)

  • Rebel Trooper—2200-2800
  • Rebel Scout—2400-2500
  • Rebel Medic—3000-3500
  • Rebel Sergeant—3100-3400
  • Spec Ops Trooper—3600-4200
  • Rebel Warrant Officer I -- 4000-4900
  • Senior SpecForce Marine—4900-6000
  • Rebel First Lieutenant—4900-6000
  • Senior SpecForce Technician—5000-5800
  • Stranded Rebel Scout—5000-6000
  • Rebel SpecForce Sergeant—5400-6000
  • Rebel Major—5800-7100
  • SpecForce Lieutenant—6400-7500
  • Fresh Rebel Rifleman 6500-8100
  • SpecOps Agent—6900-8000
  • Rebel Colonel—7000-8100
  • Rebel SpecForce Lieutenant—7300-8000
  • Rebel SpecForce Captain—7200-8400
  • Rebel Security Officer—7500-8100
  • Stranded Rebel Commander—7900-8400
  • Rebel Commando—8000-8600
  • Rebel Squad Leader—8200-9400
  • Rebel Lieutenant General—8200-9800
  • Rebel SpecForce General—9100-9800
  • Skilled Rebel Officer—9000-10500
  • Experienced Rebel Liberator—10000-11600
  • Well Trained Rebel Captain—10000-11400
  • Watchful Rebel Guard—10200-12100
  • Watchful Rebel Captain—10400-12300
  • Rebel Weapons Master—10300-11000
  • Battle Ready Rebel Solder—10300-12200
  • Experienced Rebel Cadet—11100-12400
  • Rebel Ensign—11900-14500
  • Rebel Commandant—81400-85500
  • Rebel Commodore—134000-142000
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