A full set of Marine Armor, including backpack

Marine armor

Corellian Corvette chestpiece without insignia

Rebel marine armor is a nine piece faction reconnaissance armor. This armor's in-game name is Marine Armor. At one time, it could be bought from a Rebel recruiter - during that time, it was unique in that it included backpack. The Marine Armor Backpack is currently not available in-game any more via crafting or quest/factional rewards, but you may be able to buy it or trade with another player to aquire one.

There is a statless version of the chestplate lootable from the Corellian Corvette that is visually identical except it does not include the Rebel insignia on the breast. This version was one of the few armour pieces wearable by Jedi, but with update 12 jedi may wear all types of armour. A "Battle-worn" version can now be purchased with GCW tokens from Rebel recruiters since the GCW update.

Marine armor
Piece Cost
Marine Armor Left Bicep 25000 cr
Marine Armor Right Bicep 25000 cr
Marine Armor Boots 20000 cr
Marine Armor Left Bracer 25000 cr
Marine Armor Right Bracer 25000 cr
Marine Armor Chest Plate 30000 cr
Marine Armor Gloves 20000 cr
Marine Armor Helmet 25000 cr
Marine Armor Leggings 25000 cr