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The Rare Loot System is a new feature in Star Wars Galaxies introduced with Hotfix 17.10 that gives adventurers a chance to obtain a bonus reward for defeating encounters. These rewards can range from items that are no longer available through normal gameplay to items that might be extremely rare to completely new items.

Loot Tables[edit | edit source]

Rare Loot Chest

Exceptional Loot Chest

Legendary Loot Chest

There are three categories of rare loot: Rare, Exceptional, and Legendary (or Space for some). When an adventurer kills a mob and qualifies for rare loot, the encounter will have a chance to drop a rare loot chest. Adventures will need to loot the chest and open it in their inventory to discover what rare loot they have won. The items acquired from the Rare Loot System will be marked with a Rare Loot tag within the examine window.

Repartition[edit | edit source]

  • Theory 1: Some of the items may be found in all three(four for some) kind of chests. Rares can also be found in exceptionals and legendaries. Exceptionals can also be found in legendaries but not in rares. Legendaries can only be found in legendaries.
  • Theory 2: Any item can be found in any kind of chest, but with varying drop rate. As an example, you'd have a lot more chance to find a Biological Focus Crystal in a Legendary Chest than in a Rare Chest, even though the drop rate in both situations is low.
* = New items introduced with the Rare Loot System

Rare[edit | edit source]

Exceptional[edit | edit source]

Legendary[edit | edit source]

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Restrictions are in place to prevent adventurers from farming mobs or spam killing trash mobs with area abilities.

Combat Level[edit | edit source]

Adventurers need to fight challenging mobs within 6 levels of their CL to earn a chance to find rare loot. There have been unconfirmed reports of lesser chests dropping from 'elites' that are far lower than 6 levels below players, but this has not been confirmed by the devs as of yet.

AFK'ing[edit | edit source]

The system tracks the time between your last kill and the next kill. If you remain in the same spot (less than 5m distance) for 15+ mins without moving at all, then you'll eventually start triggering the anti-afk code which means no rare loot possible during that period.

Macros[edit | edit source]

Using macros (for combat, looting or otherwise) as part of your gameplay will not affect the RLS system and your chance to get a Rare Loot chest. Using the Autoloot option will also not affect your chances of looting Rare Loot chest, although it will make it more difficult to determine when you have looted a chest as the "beam of light" particle effect will only show when the loot remains on the corpse; the Autoloot option or a looting macro will mean that the chest will be instantly transported into your inventory and the "beam of light" will not show.

N.B. On my toon on Europe-Farstar, Gaellon Hex, a few days ago, I looted a Rare Loot Chest. I had autoloot active, like I always do, and I got the beam of light. The blue-ish light AND sound effect are triggered whenever you qualify for it, so it doens't matter whether you have autoloot active or not.

The beam that shows when you qualify for Rare Loot. (also if you have autoloot active!)

AoE[edit | edit source]

Using AOE's are fine as well as long as you're considered ATK.

Not included in RLS[edit | edit source]

Rumors proved false by Developers.

Collection items can't be found in a rare chest.

Collections and Badges[edit | edit source]

Collection One Of Each Loot Chest Completed

Adventurers can also complete new collections and earn a new badge and the title "Fortune Hunter" through this system.

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