Paddle Cacti

Paddle Cacti

Low Growing Weeds

Low Growing Weeds

Flowering Cacti

Flowering Cacti

Yellow Pod Weeds

Yellow Pod Weeds

Tall Weeds

Tall Weeds

Ran Machado will provide you with the repeatable quest: Weed Whacker Foliage Requisition which will grant a random Weed Collection piece, a bit of XP and a few credits..

/way lok 463 4967 Ran Machado;

Weed Whacker Foliage RequisitionEdit

Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 5

Description: Pull weeds around Nym's Stronghold, but hurry!


  • 2000 (Quest Experience)
  • Money: 2000 credits
  • Random weed collectible.

Optional: Delete Quest. Repeatable. No Combat involved.


  • Pull Paddle Cacti [0/5]
  • Pull Low Growing Weeds [0/4]
  • Pull Flowering Cacti [0/3]
  • Pull Yellow Pod Weeds [0/2]
  • Pull Tall Weeds [0/2]

Click on Annoying Weeds to complete tasks. Clicking will destroy the weed and a new random weed will spawn on the same location a few minutes later. Correct weed types will update the tasks, incorrect weed types will not - but does grant you with additional credits (25). Each weed type has a unique appearance. The option Show All Object Names from the Options/Misc Menu will make it easier to find the Annoying Weeds that are scattered around Nym's Stronghold. Use of a speeder is recommended.

When the correct number of each weed type has been collected, the mission will update with:

  • <Comm>: I see you have filled the weed quota.You can drop them in the dumpster, a waypoint has been provided.

Dispose of the weeds at the waypoint provided, and then return to Machado for your payment. You will also receive a collectible weed, from Weed I - Weed X.

Note: Unpicked weeds stay the same for an extended period, but picked weeds respawn fairly rapidly. Some weed types appear more often than others.

Common Weeds: Paddle Cacti, Low Growing Weeds, Flowering Cacti
Uncommon Weeds: Yellow Pod Weeds, Tall Weeds

Tip: Pick all common weeds you find, whether you need them or not, but only pick the uncommon weeds you need. This will increase the overall percentage of uncommon weeds and make finding them easier for everyone - including you on your next round.

/waypoint lok 360 4879 Lok Dumpster;


Stronghold Weed Whacker CollectionEdit

Weed Whacker Collection

Completing this collection adds a badge to the Nym's Theme Park Content Master Collection and awards the title of "City Groundskeeper".

Using the radial menu in your inventory, you can add each of the Weed I - Weed X to this collection. If you have duplicate Weeds, you can always feed them to Kusaks in the Caring for the Kusaks Collection.

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