Rakir Banai lives in the frontier town of Wayfar on Tatooine. He is usually found at location (-5045, -6601). Rakir is the father of Kitster Banai and is concerned about a troublemaker being sent to interfer with the local mines run by his new boss, Drik.

Rakir has a number of missions for you.

Mission 1: Triggo BinzEdit

You are given a waypoint to Triggo Binz (CL 4), a saboteur, who is coming in to undermine Drik's local mining business. When you return after killing him, Rakir gives you 1000 credits.

Mission 2: Silm'an Voueen Edit

The saboteur accused Drik of being a slaver and Rakir has asked you to meet with a Bothan spy who may know the truth. You get a waypoint to Silm'an Voueen; on the way you are waylaid by a pair of Trandosian slavers (CL 4). Return with the disk (she added some additional information about Kitster as well); Rakir gives you 2000cr.

Mission 3: Keela QuellerEdit

Another of Rakir's spies is being chased by a couple of Jabba's henchmen (CL 14); he has asked me to escort her to him. After dispatching them, you bring her back to Rakir and he realizes that Drik has even sent him to attack his own son. He gives you 3000cr.

Mission 4: WizzelEdit

Finally, Rakir asks you to get his contract back from Drik's majordomo, Wizzel. Wizzel (CL 16) has 2 mercenaries (CL 11) protecting him. When you return with Rakir's contract, he gives you 4000cr and the schematic for a Shellfish Harvesting Tool.

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