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Summoning the Menu[edit | edit source]

Almost every object in Star Wars Galaxies has a "Radial Menu". This refers to the selection of options that appears as a "hub" around the object when you right-click or left-click and hold on any object. Most objects have at least the Examine action in their radial menus.

An alternate way to access the radial menu is to target an NPC or object and press the tilde key (the "~" key).

Here, you can choose to interact with objects, such as sitting in a chair, or you can use it to start trades with other players, examine them, or challenge them to a duel!

Rebinding[edit | edit source]

You can change the keybinding that brings up the radial menu by going to:

  • Options
  • Click the "Keymap" button
  • Click the "ui" tab
  • Scroll down the list to "Summon Radial Menu"
  • Highlight it, and click the "Rebind" button

You can assign it to any key you want, including one of your mouse buttons.

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