Re-sizeable circular display that sits in the lower-left hand corner of your HUD by default. Viewing range can be from 32m to 2048m, which can be changed with the +/- buttons on-screen as well as your keyboard.


Various "dots" or "blips" appear on your radar in relation to your current position. Your current target will have a blue colored box surrounding its blip. Blips are color coded as follows:

  • Hot Pink - Current leader of your group.
  • Green - Player/pet currently in your group.
  • Red - Player or NPC who is aggressive (or "aggro") to you and will attack if you get close enough.
  • Lt Blue - Another player who is not in your faction or is neutral.
  • Purple - Player who is in your faction
  • Pink - NPCs, Pets, Structures and Vehicles that share your faction.
  • Yellow - NPCs who are not currently aggressive towards you, but this can change if you have negative faction with them.
  • White - NPC/object that cannot be attacked or enter combat.

There is also a Consider, or "con" system that you can enable with the radar. These colors are the same that is displayed next to a NPC name when you have them targeted (see Target Display). This will display a halo around any attackable NPC blip on your radar with the correlating color:

  • Purple - Instant Death
  • Red - Very Risky/Risky Fight
  • Yellow - Tough Fight
  • White - Even Match
  • Blue - Probably be Defeated
  • Green - Looks Weak
  • Grey - No Match

Hovering over a blip on the radar will display tooltip information about the blip.You can also see the difficulty of Rebel/Imperial NPCs if you're off-duty or are neutral.Even your own faction's!

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