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RSF Squadron is one of three squadrons that Freelance Pilots can join. The squadron is Imperial-aligned. RSF pilots can't hurt Imperial ships and your final mission will be against a Rebel Corvette. The Royal Security Forces are located in the Naboo capital, the Royal Palace of Theed. The Royal Security Forces is in control of investigations, counter-criminal and counter-Rebel activity. The Royal Police Forces act as a police force and check-point group, but is separate of the RSF. In the RSF Squadron, the only part of the RSF you can join, you fight against the Black Sun and Rebel Alliance.

The RSF Squadron is considered by many experienced pilots to be bothersome, as unlike CorSec and the Smuggler's Alliance, where Tier 3 piloting is essentially all grinding, with little to no mission content in order to get the next pilot skill, RSF requires a mission for every skill to be gained.

However, many of these pilots feel that the gain of the Borstel blaster, the Armek shield, and the badge, to be worth the extra work.

Squadron Trainers[]