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Star Wars Galaxies Server.

Rebel Edit

A member of the Rebel Alliance

Reb(s) Edit

Short for Rebel(s)

Red Name Edit

Color of a forum name belonging to one of the Game Developers

Respec Edit

Abbreviation for respecify or respecification. Also known as /respec.

  • Combat Upgrade: Once a character is played after the Combat Upgrade, they will have a chance to move around their current skills. This gives everyone a chance to change their template if they no longer like a profession. Players will be able to respec once every 12 hours for the first 2 after accessing their character post-CU. The respec system is set up based on how hard it is to get skill, not necessarily their skill point value; so that elite skills are twice as valuable as skills in starting professions. Publish 18 will bring one last, final Token Respec for all characters made before the publish. See Publish 18 for details.

Retarded charge Edit

PvP-Version of the zerg-tactic, this phrase is often used in an insulting manner. The location of the clone centres so close at the PvP-Areas allow players to constantly clone and get back into battle, trying to win by sheer numbers while being inferior in numbers.

Rez Edit

Resurrection, meaning someone with the ability to resurrect can bring you back to life after you have been killed by a player or mob.

RGI Edit

Royal Guard Interceptor aka Imperial Guard TIE Interceptor

RIS Edit

Reinforced Insulated Sheath (Armor)

RL Edit

Real Life/Rocket Launcher (depending on usage)


An acronym of Rolling On Floor Laughing. Can be used as a Social to activate the corrosponding animation.


When a player either says "rofl" or uses /rofl and while the emote is running and they are literally rolling on the floor laughing (looks like a heart attack to some) and the person turns, either with the regular directional keys (when strafing is disabled) or with the NumPad arrows. This creates the effect of, well, a helicopter.

Roleplay Edit

This is where you play your character as he/she/it would act and not how you would act. This way of playing makes the game feel more like the Star Wars galaxy and less like a game.

For tips, hints, or even to find other roleplayers, you can check the [1] forum.

RotJ Edit

Refers to the movie, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.


Refers to the movie, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


Refers to the expansion to Star Wars Galaxies, Rage of the Wookies: Episode III.

RP Edit

Short for Roleplaying, Roleplayer, or Roleplay.

RSF Edit

Royal Security Forces. The police force found on Naboo and in the Naboo System that are loyal to the Queen of Naboo.

R-series Edit

Refers to a series of droids, created by the Industrial Automation company They released the R5, R4, R3 and R2 series. Also known as Astromech droids. The famous R2-D2 was an R-Series droid. Sometimes "R* droid" is used as shorthand in-game.

There is also an R7 series droid, however this is not available in Star Wars Galaxies.

Rubberbanding Edit

The act of “being ahead of the server” where, client side, you’re at one point but the server thinks you’re still at a point you previously were, and warps you back to that point.

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