Queen Kylantha

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Queen Kylantha was the successor to Apailana, formally styled Her Royal Highness, Queen Kylantha of Naboo, and installed as a puppet ruler after her predecessor was killed on the orders of the Empire for allegedly harbouring Jedi survivors of Order 66. The current queen of Naboo, Kylantha gives the Clone Relics quest To the Queen's Aid.

Star Wars LoreEdit

The monarch during the Galactic Civil War, Kylantha was outwardly loyal to the Galactic Empire, but had implemented few changes to Naboo's democratic government—as had happened on other Imperial-held worlds—leading many to believe she was actually a Rebel Alliance sympathizer.

She also issued an order to investigate the mysterious death of the late Queen Apailana, which still remained unsolved but she believed that the assassination was related to the Empire.

During her reign, she appointed Pooja Naberrie, the younger niece of the beloved Naboo politician, Padmé Amidala, as Naboo's representative in the Imperial Senate, a position the other woman held until the Emperor dissolved that governmental body in 0 BBY.

Unlike previous monarchs, Kylantha had exceeded her two terms of office by the time of the Battle of Yavin, but showed little inclination to voluntarily stepping down. Fortunately for Kylantha, her personal popularity and support for the Imperial state meant there was little pressure for her to do so.


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