PvP stands for Player versus Player.

Is a type of combat where at least two players enter in combat with the ability to incapacitate and kill each other.

PvP combat can be small (1-1) or large scale, but is usually two sides fighting each other. Faction Bases are the most common way to have large battles, as Battlefields are still non-functional.

This kind of combat has more action and emotion because the opponents do not use an artificial intelligence and the combat can reserve a lot of surprise for both sides.

PvP can be viewed as high-end content for combat players, because those you may fight will likely be hard-core combat players, thus difficult to defeat. It also takes great organization and effort to make a change in the Planetary Control Game, of which PvP is an imporant part.

Duels Edit

Generaly, this encounter ends with the death of one of the participants, if it is a one to one fight. You can enter PvP combat two main ways. Two players may duel each other. They enter combat when they challenge each other to a Duel. Either player can opt out of PvP Combat by entering the /endduel command. Entering a duel has no effect on changing a player's faction setting.

Open PvP Edit

The second form of PvP Combat is becoming PvP-Enabled. To do this, players must change their faction setting to Special Forces by visiting a Rebel recruiter or Imperial recruiter. After the 30 second timer, the player's status will change to declared. This will remain until the player talks to a recruiter again to change faction setting again, or until the player dies, at which time their status automatically changes to On Leave. While a Special Forces, players can attack and be attacked by other Special Forces players of opposing faction. They will also be be attacked on sight by enemy factional NPC's, just like Combatants.

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