The Profession Counselor is an NPC that will change your profession or reset your Expertise setup.


Profession counselor in Coronet


There are three currently known profession counselors (previously known by different names) and they are standing outside of the spaceports in:


To change your profession, simply talk to one of them and select the first option. Your first profession change is free but it will slowly increase in value to a max of 25 mill. When you change your profession you will lose all the experience that you have gained toward your next level.

The steps are:

  • 1st = 0 credits
  • 2nd = 100k
  • 3rd = 150k
  • 4th = 250k
  • 5th = 500k
  • 6th = 1 Mil
  • 7th = 6 Mil
  • 8th = 7 Mil
  • 9th = 8 Mil
  • 10th = 9 Mil
  • 11th = 10 Mil
  • 12th+ = 25 Mil

Each month, the steps are decreased by one. So really, a character can change his profession for free once a month.


To reset your expertise setup, simply talk to the profession counselor and select the second option. Your first six changes made will be free but it will slowly climb to a cost of 25 million credits.

On SWG Legends (2018), unlike profession changes, expertise resets never expire (so be careful)! Changing professions will also reset your expertise.

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