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Skill enhancing attachment

Power bit
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Reverse engineering chance

Power ups are items that Traders make that can add temporary stats to your weapon, armor, and clothing.

For a list of the type of buffs you can get check out the Power bit page. Power ups generally do not add a stat on a 1:1 ratio to the power bits used to craft them. Depending on the quality of the Reverse Engineering Tool, the Power Bit, the RE Enhancement Module, and the Power Conversion Ratio (PCR) of the modifier bit used, results can range from single digits up to the low 100s. In general, the maximum power available is going to be approximately 100/PCR. Thus a core stat bit (Strength, Agility, Precision, etc.) with a PCR of 1 will be able to achieve strengths of around 100, while an exotic modifier such as Carbine Critical, with its PCR of 10, will be difficult to get to 10, it's max.

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