Planetary map

Planetary map of Etyyy

The Planetary Map is an important part of the User interface that shows a map of the current planet you are on. The map can be scrolled using the sliders to its right and underneath it, as well as zoomed in and out. Left clicking on the map also increases the zoom, centered around the point that was clicked. Major NPC and player cities are shown on the map by default along with the "active" waypoints, and the Regional Control areas that were introduced along with Game Update 15. Each of these options can be toggled on and off with the boxes in the lower right hand corner of the interface.

The right hand pain of the Planetary Map shows a list of all waypoints that the map can display, which include cities, starports, banks, cantinas, Points of interest and any user-created waypoints you may have. Selecting any item in this list will show its location on the planetary map, and players have the option to "activate" the waypoint so it will show up in game. User-created waypoints can also be renamed and deleted using this interface. The same options are available if a player clicks on a waypoint on the actual map itself.

Right clicking on a point on the actual map gives the player the option of creating a waypoint in that location. This system can be useful if you want to find your way to a particular geographical feature in the game, but has limited use as the accuracy of the player's click is limited unless the map is zoomed in.

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