Tatooine Sarlacc


Close-up of the Tatooine Sarlaac

The Sarlacc is a gruesome, omnivorous, immobile beast almost entirely concealed beneath the desert sands. Only it's foul mouth extends to the surface, ringed with grasping tentacles ready to pull any prey unfortunate to fall into the shifting sands. Because of its isolation, the Sarlacc rarely feeds, as it must rely on animals that stumble into the pit. As such, it has evolved an extremely efficient digestive process. According to lore, the stomach pit of the Sarlacc keeps its prey alive for a thousand years, slowly dissolving its meal into needed nutrients, while the hapless victim is kept alive in searing, endless agony.

Home of the mighty Sarlacc, as seen in RotJ. Do you dare walk to the edge and look down? Be careful, you might get a mostly harmless but annoying poison debuff for 5 minutes:

You can also radial the creature and get an Extract Bile option. Doing so retrieves a Jar of Sarlacc Bile.

You will receive an exploration badge for visiting the Pit.

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