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Skill tree
Master Pikeman
Stances IVOffensive Techniques IVDefensive Techniques IVSupport IV
Stances IIIOffensive Techniques IIIDefensive Techniques IIISupport III
Stances IIOffensive Techniques IIDefensive Techniques IISupport II
Stances IOffensive Techniques IDefensive Techniques ISupport I
Novice Pikeman

Profession Overview Edit

Pikeman is a master of all polearm weapons. (Add more....)

This profession requires 106 skill points to master, 73 of which go towards prerequisites.

Experience Requirements to Master, including prerequisites:

  • 405,000 Combat XP (granted along with any weapon XP as 10% of the weapon XP gained)
  • 4,901,650 Polearm XP (granted for killing MOBs with a polearm)
  • 91,650 Two-Handed XP (granted for killing MOBs with a two-handed weapon)

Profession Role SummaryEdit

  • Primary Role: Melee Opponent Control (Attacker Mods)
  • Secondary Role: Melee Crowd Control (Attacker Control)
  • Offense: Weak (2)
  • Defense: Strong (4)
  • Crowd Control: Moderate (3)

The Pikeman specializes in controlling and tanking groups of opponents. In addition to a generally strong defensive ability the Pikeman has the ability significantly reduce their opponent's combat ability. These defensive abilities combined with some decent area attack capabilities makes for a strong combatant.

Getting Started Edit

You need 125,000 Polearms XP and also Two-Handed IV and Polearms IV in the Brawler profession.

You can find a Pikeman Trainer in one of the following locations:

Related Skill Mods Edit

Pikeman Abilities Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Leg Hit (Improved)/leghitThis attack causes a targeted hit to an opponent's legs and has a slight accuracy penalty.Novice Pikeman, Pike Offensive Techniques IV
Spin Attack (Improved)/spinattackThis melee attack causes damage to all opponents in melee range.Pike Offensive Techniques I, III
Sweep Attack (Improved Advanced)/sweepattackAttempts to knock down all opponents in range. Enhanced version of Brawler ability.Polearms IV,Pike Stances I, Pike Stances III
Impale (Improved)/impaleThis melee attack has an improved damage capability.Pike Offensive Techniques II, Master Pikeman
Stunning Blow (Improved)/stunningblowThis attack attempts to stun an opponent, stopping ability point regeneration for a short time.Pike Support I, III



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