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A pet is a creature that a player can summon or train. There are four different types of pets currently in the game. The most common are droids and beasts. The other two are familiar pets (48-month reward) and faction pets (no longer obtainable).


Shocktrooper and his beast

Shocktrooper and his Beast

With the Introduction of the Beast Master Expertise you can now once again own and use a pet in combat. Beasts are almost always stronger then Droids of the same level, and they can reach level 90. Pets can never be higher than their Master, and you can't trade pets once they are hatched from their Eggs. For more information on the Expertise, and how to make your pet you should visit Beast Master.


Wookiee and his Droidekas

Wookiee and his Droideka Pet

Droids can be used for many different things in the game. They can be used to assist you in combat, harvest creature resources, advertise for you, provide a private crafting station, and many other things. For more information on the modules and what they do visit Droid crafting, and for more information on the different models and how they came to be visit Droids.

Familiar pets[]

These little pets can be called, and they will follow you around. They cannot be targeted so they won't mess up targeting. Some of them can buff you with a buff for as long as they are called, and within 120 meters of you. If they are stored after they have given the buff, the buff will last 60 minutes or until the familiar is called again. When the buff is active while the pet is stored, traveling via shuttles dismisses the buff (bug?). Traveling to battlegrounds does not remove the buff. These are the only Pets that can be called while you have a Beast or Droid pet out.

Pet Gives a Buff Buffs Obtained From
Hutt Fighter Trading Card Game
TIE Fighter Trading Card Game
X-Wing Trading Card Game
AT-ST Galactic Civil War
AT-XT Galactic Civil War
Gackle Bat X Precision + Strength 48 Month Reward
Mynock X Agility 48 Month Reward
Mouse Droid X Constitution 48 Month Reward
Ewok Festival of Love Familiar X Reduces aggro Ewok Festival of Love