Only for private servers with this type of unlock.

Note these happen in a random order. Collect from your nearest Force shrine.


"Gather all possible information before making a decision."

  • Talk to Kant.
  • Talk to the Gungan he sends you to.
  • Let him keep the land.
  • Return to Kant.


"Understand the motivations and desires of others without becoming emotionally involved."

  • Talk to Sathme.
  • Talk to the assistant and get the supplies.
  • Return to Sathme tell her the assistant isn't coming back.

Bad CatEdit

"Do everything possible to keep innocent civilians from being in danger."

  • Talk to Yvana.
  • Kill the cat she sends you to.
  • Return to Yvana.


"Recognize chaos but not become a part of it."

  • Talk to Seevi.
  • Converse with the person he sends you to, and let him go.
  • Go back to Seevi and inform him no revenge.


"Always be willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible."

  • Talk to Pannaqa.
  • Talk to the drunk.
  • Take the part from the drunk back to Pannaqa.

Old MusicianEdit

"Always display respect and dignity when interacting with others."

  • Talk to Grizzlo.
  • Talk to the guy you're sent to in Mos Eisley.
  • Talk to the guy you're sent to in Lok.
  • Take the ring back to Grizzlo.

People's SoldierEdit

"Put aside personal feelings when aiding someone they might not find appealing."

  • Talk to Torin.
  • Kill the guy he sends you to.
  • Return to Torin.

Sob StoryEdit

"Remain calm in the face of emotion."

  • Talk to Erim.
  • Retrieve the blaster from the corpse she sends you to.
  • Return it to Erim.

Spice MomEdit

"Always strive for understanding rather than blind faith."

  • Talk to Sola.
  • Goto the dealer she sends you to, tell him "You found the wrong guy, stay away from Sola."
  • He gives you the spice.
  • Return to Sola - Don't give her the spice until she tells you about her son.


"Be prepared to undertake that which others will not."

  • Talk to Par.
  • Kill the Bull.
  • Return to Par.


"Be equally a public servant and a public defender."

  • Talk to Kaul.
  • Kill the Mite.
  • Return to Kaul.

The RingEdit

"Be willing to put himself in danger in order to do what is right."

  • Talk to Keicho.
  • Fight the man he sends you to.
  • Return the ring to Keicho.

Kill Baz NitchesEdit

"Be an able and courageous warrior."

  • Talk to Menchi.
  • Kill 20 Baz Nitches [11k missions on Dathomir].
  • Return to Menchi.

Kill Sludge PanthersEdit

"Do whatever is possible to protect the natural order of the universe."

  • Talk to Luha.
  • Kill 20 Sludge Panthers [(158, -2511) (72, -3298) (-39, -2574) (405, -2376) (500, -3400) (986, -2975) Outside Dearic are static spawns where one of the creatures that cycles in is Minor Sludge Panthers, kill whatever is there and you'll get points toward the counter]. They can also be found at the POI "Lost Village of Durbin" on Talus.
  • Return to Luha.

Kill FalumpasetsEdit

"Understand that there are times when a greater good outweighs a lesser evil."

  • Talk to Braganta, kill 20 Falumpasets [Lvl 25 Gungan Merc missions (not emu), static spawns, or around the Gungan Sacred Palace].
  • Return to Braganta.

Craft a LightsaberEdit

"Thanks to your progress thus far, you have been granted the rank of Jedi Initiate."

  • Craft a Lightsaber.
  • Tune a colour crystal, in that order. [Note at this point you become a Jedi Initiate].

DO NOT tune a damage crystal, that must wait till you are a Jedi Padawan or you might become bugged.

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