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These are pictures of an extremely rare Nightsister bodysuit clothing. This was only ever available as a rare drop on the Japanese servers, possibly during invasion events of Nightsisters NPCs in Coronet, and some pieces were brought over in server transfers when they shut down. As such, the Orignal Nightsister Bodysuit is probably one of the rarest items in the game.

The bodysuit is made of 4 different pieces:

December 7, 2010 Updates:

The following items have been added via the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Themepark:

The schematics are purchased from the Nightsister Vendor, each costing the following items:

NOTE: All Items from the Nightsister Side of WoD Themepark and all of the Orignal Bodysuit Pieces are only wearable by females.

Also, there is the Nightsister Carnage Beret, which is a loot item from the Axkva Min instance. It is the only piece of Nightsister Clothing that is allowed to be worn by both genders.

Nightsister clothing on display As worn by a PC on Chimaera

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