Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher


Nien Nunb in the Rebel Themepark

Nien Nunb is one of the famous star wars characters which appear in the game. He can be found at several different locations where he will be giving out missions belonging to various quests.

Rebel Themepark Edit

Mission 1 Edit

Helping Nien Nunb [Group] Level 87

He is located in Nym's Stronghold Cantina at 476 5075

Description: Help Nien Nunb by recovering some parts for his linguistic decoder and by getting rid of a bounty hunter who is pursuing a personal vendetta against him. Head to the Known Canyon Corsair Encampment at 1901, -2227. Once you arrive, you'll find plenty of level 88 and 89 elite Canyon Corsair NPCs. Keep killing them until you get all 8 decoder parts. It won't "drop" every single time, so you'll probably have to kill somewhere between 10 and 15 until you get all 8 parts.

Once you have retrieved the 8 Linguistic Decoder Parts, the mission will update. You will need to track down and eliminate the bounty hunter after Nien. He can be found at the Kimogila Town POI at -70 2728. The bounty hunter is a level 89 elite; you shouldn't have too much trouble fighting him. Once you slay him, head back to Nien to claim your reward.

Reward: Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Right Bracer, 120,350 Experience and GCW points.

Talk to Han Solo for your Next mission. He can be found in the room to the left of where Nien is sitting at 471, 5051

Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Right Bracer

Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Right Bracer

Star Wars Lore Edit

Nien Nunb was a Sullustan smuggler, SoroSuub employee, and Lando's copilot during the Battle of Endor. His sister, Aril Nunb was later a pilot for Rogue Squadron.

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