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Nashal is one of the two major cities on Talus. It's not nearly as large as Dearic, but it provides easy access to all of the northern half of the planet. It's located at the bank of a river which divides it in two. The city is rather mysterious and not much is known about its details. Faction control is usually tight. Battle droids may also roam its streets.

City Services Edit


Faction LocationsEdit

/way talus 4300 5374 Nashal A Tactical Officer;
/way talus 4509 5241 Nashal An Information Officer;
/way talus 4065 5289 Nashal Rebel Coordinator;

Other NPC'sEdit

/way talus 4379 5283 Amyva Va'new;
/way talus 4260 5326 Durge;
/way talus 4541 5069 Igbi Freemo;
/way talus 4142 5313 Junk Dealer;
/way talus 4162 5146 Junk Dealer;
/way talus 4540 5278 Junk Dealer;
/way talus 4302 5399 Junk Dealer;
/way talus 4284 5321 Oecax;
/way talus 4198 5285 Nashal Race Coordinator;

Quest GiversEdit

/way talus 4377 5177 CorSec Agent Taarna;
/way talus 4546 5149 Durgur Pyne;
/way talus 4295 5337 Green Laser;
/way talus 4329 5147 Jusani Zhord;
/way talus 4302 5310 Sigrix Slix;
/way talus 4300 5091 Slooni Jong;

Herald NPC'sEdit

/way talus 4176 5110 an Aa'kuan Champion (Aa'kuan Champion's Cave);

Star Wars LoreEdit

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