Naboo System is a space sector that gives easy access to the planet Naboo, an idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories, and its busiest moon Rori. Dominated by the Galactic Empire and Royal Security Forces, Alliance ships, smugglers and even the Hutt crime lord Borvo have strong space fleets in the area. Hostile targets in this area are tiers 1 and 2.

Space stations
Station Allegiance Notes
Naboo Space Station Neutral Missions: Tier 2+ Imperial Pilots and RSF Squadron
Rori Space Station Neutral Missions: Alliance Pilots
Empire's Station I Imperial Battle Station: may declare for PvP combat
Trade Federation Outpost Neutral Asteroid dealers

Hyperspace routes
Quadrant Destination Inhabitants Hostiles Notes
Quadrant I Royal Way Royal Security Forces
Quadrant II Penumbra Omen Unknown
Quadrant III Sea of Veruna Rebels 3-5
Quadrant VI Kylantha's Whim Black Sun, Rebels 5-10+

Points of Interest
POI Inhabitants Hostiles
Adamant Mass Imperials, Ironfleck Marauders, Miner Cobblestone 5-10
Arrissa's Field Imperials 5-10
Emperor's Way Imperials, Scintilla Defenders 5+
Nal ReulTta Borvo's Fleet, RSF 15+
Old Trade Federation Route Borvo's Fleet, RSF 10+
Rebellion Remnants Imperials, Rebels 20+
Scintilla Steel Scintilla Defenders 5-10
Sovereignty Dawn RSF 3-5
Trade Federation Hulk Trade Federation 5+
Wishing Lake Zone Black Sun, Borvo's Fleet, Imperials, Mercenaries, RSF 10+

Asteroid survey
Asteroid Count
Carbonaceous asteroid 3
Sulfuric asteroid 3


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