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Naritus[edit | edit source]

Star Wars Galaxies Server.

Nerf[edit | edit source]

A drastic reduction in power or usefulness of an in-game ability, profession, or item.

The term "Nerf" was originally used to describe the removal of something from the game. Very early in BETA, SWG included the animal 'a Nerf'

"Why you stuck up.... Half witted... scruffy looking.... Nerf Herder!!!" Princess Leia to Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back


When the animal was removed, this started the trend of refering to the removal of anything as 'a Nerf'.

As the term evolved, it was specifically used to describe a game weapon whose power had been drastically reduced through the introduction of a game patch; For example a modern automatic rifle being converted into a "Nerf" toy gun.

This term is now applied by players of games to any area of a game that has been altered, including any developer act of fixing or altering an in-game object.

Correcting a bug that lead to an overpowered weapon (see FWG5 power handler fix) is not a nerf; it's a bug fix.

Neutral[edit | edit source]

Neutral players are players who have not declared a faction affiliation. Also considered civilians.

Newb, n00b, noob, nooblet, nub, newbie, ubar-noob, n00bcake[edit | edit source]

Newbie. A player who has or seems like they have just begun playing Star Wars Galaxies. Often used in a derrogatory fashion, such as u stupid n00b, I pwn joo.

NGE[edit | edit source]

New Game Enhancement. See Publish 25 for complete details on the changes implemented by the NGE.

NPC[edit | edit source]

Non player character(s)

NS[edit | edit source]

Nightsister(s). A group of powerful force-wielding witches found on the planet Dathomir.

NS Lair[edit | edit source]

Nightsister Lair - Refers to the Nightsister base located on Dathomir.

Nym[edit | edit source]

Pirate warlord found on the planet Lok.

Nym's[edit | edit source]

The possessive addition to Nym's name usually indicates that someone is talking about the starport on Lok or Nym's Stronghold.

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