Echrhin Isdan

A Mystic Shaman, Echrhin Isdan (65, -484), in the Myyydril Caverns has a strange stone, and is offering it to you. He mentions something about a quick way out of the Myyydril Caverns and Kachirho in relation to the stone.
Level: 80


Recommended combat levels: 35 and higher

Conversation with Echrhin Isdan[edit | edit source]

Echrhin Isdan: You want stone?
PC: What?
Echrhin Isdan: You want stone? (Isdan holds out his hands. In it you can see a smooth stone. The stone begins to glow eerily.)
PC: What does it do?
Echrhin Isdan: Myyydril Cave vast. Want quick way out sometime? You want stone.
PC: I think I understand. Where does the stone take me?
Echrhin Isdan: Where furry people live.
PC: Which ones—er, I mean..
Echrhin Isdan: Furry man home city. Kachirho.
PC: How do I get this stone from you?
Echrhin Isdan: You do task for me. In river, there be stones. Get them. Um.. 10. Yes. Get 10 stones. Give to me.
PC: Okay. 10 stones. I can do this.
Echrhin Isdan: Go now. Why wait?


Echrhin Isdan has offered you a mystical stone. You have yet to figure out exactly what it does. He mentioned the Wookiee city, Kachirho. He wants you to gather 10 stones by the river or pond in front of the Myyydril Caverns.. What he needs them for, no one knows.

Collect 10 Smooth Stones[edit | edit source]

This part is very easy. Just head back out of the Myyydril Caverns. Standing with your back to the entrance, there should be a pond to your left. All around, and in this pond are groups of "smooth stones". Just find 10 of them and return to Echrhin Isdan when you are done.

Conversation with Echrhin Isdan - part 2[edit | edit source]

Echrhin Isdan: You bring 10 stones back! Surprised. Here stone I promised.
PC: Um.. thanks?
Echrhin Isdan: Okay. Bye!

The Mystical Stone Echrhin Isdan gives you will allow you to travel from anywhere in the Myyydril Caverns to Kachirho.

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