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Mustafar, introduced in the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion, is a world dominated by massive, fire-spewing volcanoes. It has a more traditional layout than Kashyyyk, although its map is somewhat smaller than the original planets. Also, unlike the other planets, a cutscene plays upon arriving to the planet, and the loading screen has a different format.

Although there is much more exploratory freedom than Kashyyyk, there are still some areas that players cannot cross, such as the mountains in the northeast.

Players cannot to fly to Mustafar in their own ships but must travel to Corellia or Talus and purchase a ticket to Mustafar. Once on Mustafar, travel is difficult due to the large amount of volcanic activity. Only with certain mounts or vehicles can you travel across lava. If you try traveling with anything but a Lava Flea, Transport Skiff, Lava Skiff, Mustafarian Panning Droid, Basilisk War Droid, or Jetpack, your character may be killed by heat damage in a few seconds. With Hotfix 17.5 the Seven Years of Galaxies: Year 4 included a Schematic: Vehicle Lava Resistance Kit which once crafted can turn one vehicle of choice resistant against lava. However, for players who do not have a way to safely travel over lava there are ways to access most areas in Mustafar via small land bridges.

Players can not place any type of structure on Mustafar.

Planetary Data[]

Planetary Map of Mustafar

A ruined Jedi Temple

A fiery landscape

Will you head in?

Crashed Old Republic ship

Meeting Obi Wan's spirit

Cities (NPC)[]

Cities (Player, by server)[]

Players cannot place houses or harvesters on this planet.



Sights to see[]


These are places on Mustafar that "transport" players to an instance where only they (and their group) are present. All these places require taking a quest or an item to access. Instances that require a quest to access will usually allow the player to access the instance multiple times. All instances have a lock-out timer that will not allow players to enter the instance for a certain period of time. And all instances also have a timer that will only allow players to be in them for a certain period of time.


Gaming Notes[]

Due to the large amount of graphical detail on Mustafar, including particle effects, some players on lower configurations have been experiencing graphic lag (FPS drop). Players can adjust their in-game video settings to try lessening the lag. It is recommended that players with lower configurations traveling to Mustafar turn off the "Heat Shimmer" Option under the Graphics tab.

Unlike other planets, traveling to the POI's on Mustafar will not give you a Badge. You must take a quest, such as The Mining Field Markers or Exploration of Mustafar, or find an item in the area to get the Badge.

The planet Mustafar had appeared in the game as of Publish 24, but characters were not allowed to travel there until the release of Trials of Obi-Wan. Of course, characters of players whom do not buy the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion pack will not be allowed to travel there. Players whom pre-ordered Trials of Obi-Wan were able to travel to Mustafar a week early on October 25, 2005.

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