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Skill tree
Master Musician
Technique Specialist IVMusical Enhancement IVMusical Knowledge IVInstrument Use IV
Musical Techniques IIIMusical Enhancement IIIMusical Knowledge IIIInstrument Use III
Musical Techniques IIMusical Enhancement IIMusical Knowledge IIInstrument Use II
Musical Techniques IMusical Enhancement IMusical Knowledge IInstrument Use I
Novice Musician

Profession Overview Edit

The Musician profession is a performance enhancing profession. As entertainers, they have the ability to provide an inspiration buff to other players as well as themselves.

What sets musicians apart from entertainers is that musicians are able to:

  • Use more instruments
  • Play more songs
  • Can apply inspiration buffs more quickly
  • Dazzle other players with effects
  • Can place cantinas and theaters.

Master Musicians can play all songs and instruments EXCEPT for the Mandoviol (guitar) and the song "Ceremonial" which are attained through Master Entertainer. Musicians may learn the "Western" song through the Theater Manager (Quest). After completion of the quest, the song costs 400K musician xp, so save up!

Getting Started Edit

To level in Musician you need to play music, perform flourishes, and have people listen to you.

You will recieve experience every 10 seconds while you are performing, and you will recieve even more experience if you are in a group of musicians (a band). Do flourishes to increase the amount of experience you are awarded. To maximize your experience while performing you, as a musician, should be either performing your highest level song, OR be using your highest level instrument. (Join a group even if they are playing a song well below your highest level song - just be sure to use your highest level instrument.)


Trainers Edit

Note that there is always a Musician trainer within an NPC theater, thus you may simply type "/find guild:theater" to find a musician trainer. Trainer List

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Abilities Edit

Songs Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Starwars4/startMusic Starwars4Start the Starwars4 song.Novice Musician
Ballad/startMusic BalladStart the Ballad song.Musical Knowledge I
Swing/startMusic Swing Start the Swing song.Musical Knowledge I
Funk/startMusic Funk Start the Funk song.Musical Knowledge II
Waltz/startMusic Waltz Start the Waltz song.Musical Knowledge III
Jazz/startMusic Jazz Start the Jazz song.Musical Knowledge IV
Virtuoso/startMusic VirtuosoStart the Virtuoso song.Master Musician
Western/startMusic WesternStart the Western song.Theater Manager (Quest)

Effects Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Colored Lights/colorlights <index>Performs a series of colored lights effects.Musical Techniques I
Dazzle/dazzle <index>Performs a dazzling effect of color and lights.Musical Techniques I
Spotlight/spotlight <index>Performs a spot light effect.Musical Techniques I
Fire Jet/firejet <index>Performs aa effect of firey jets.Musical Techniques II
Laser Show/laserShowPerforms a laser show effect.Musical Techniques II
Fire Jet 2/firejet2Performs a firejet column effect.Musical Techniques III
Ventriloquism/ventriloquism <index>Performs a visual effect around your target.Musical Techniques III
Featured Solo/featuredSoloPerforms a featured solo spot light effect.Technique Specialist IV

Indices are optional and may be 1, 2 or 3.

Miscellaneous Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Register with location/register
Register cantina to planetary map as manned.Novice Musician
Place Cantina-Ability to place and run own Cantina. Must be placed to player cities.Master Musician
Place Theater-Ability to place and run own Theater. Must be placed to player cities.Master Musician

Certifications Edit

Schematics Edit

Useful Guides Edit

Macros Edit

A great way to move up in the ranks is to use a macro. The macro’s listed below are a great starter for anyone and you can change them to use any song you want by changing what song is listed in the macro.

There are two great parts to the macros:

  • /join will makes sure you always accept group invite so even if you’re AFK (away from keyboard) you will still join a group so you gain as much experience as you can.
  • /dump this command will cancel any paused commands so when you want to stop you can and don’t have to wait for the macro to stop!

Music MacroEdit

/join; /pause 1;
/startmusic  rock;
/flourish 1; /pause 15;
/flourish 2; /pause 15;
/flourish 3; /pause 15;
/flourish 4; /pause 15;
/flourish 5; /pause 15;
/flourish 6; /pause 15;
/flourish 7; /pause 15;
/flourish 8; /pause 15;

Again this will loop over and over until you use the stop music macro!


Why Macro?Edit

A macro can keep you free in interact with the other dancers and players that come in watch you. It also let you walk away for a bit with out losing XP. The only thing to remember with macros is try to use them to enhance your game play not cheat or annoy others in the game.

Community Information Edit

Musician Correspondent: Tralmek
Former Correspondents:

  • Aleyo
  • NewJedi

Musician Forum:

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