Level: 80

Chief Kallaarac tells you that the Urnsor'is can only operate while a central creature exists, known to them only as the Mother Queen. Kill the Mother Queen (The Mother Queen of the Urnsor'is) so the Myyydril can be at peace once more. Travel down into the deep depths and continue the single path until there is a fork in the path. At this point make a left. The waypoint of the Mother Queen is witin 5 meters of 2300 -3093. (I found Queen at /wp -259 487) Upon killing the Mother Queen you receive 3000 credits. Return to Chief Kallaarac for the rest of the reward.

The Mother Queen is level 81 elite and has a 30-60 minute respawn time. She is protected by Urnsor'is Handmaidens (79 elite), Urnsor'is Thrasher (78 elite) and Urnsor'is guardians (80 elite) the room also consists of a juvenile Urnsor'is (75 elite)

Previous Quest: Urnsor'is Eggs

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