Moenia is considered to be a simple artist's retreat and is largely ignored by the Empire. This setting has provided the perfect cover the Rebel Alliance to setup its operations.

Moenia is the Rebel stronghold city for Naboo. Rebels will always be in control of the city, even if Imperials are winning the war on the planet and have control of all other cities. This is the only Rebel stronghold with a starport.

Moenia is unique among the Naboo cities because it is built in the midst of a swamp. As a result, a dense fog constantly covers the city.

During the Galactic Moon Festival event, festival organizers can be found outside the spaceports of Mos Eisley and Moenia.

City Services Edit


Moenia, Naboo


Quest Givers Edit

/way naboo 4723 -4935 C-3TC;
/way naboo 4893 -4998 Dilvin Lormurojo;
/way naboo 4869 -4875 Ebenn Q3 Baobab;
/way naboo 4886 -4599 Borvo's Bodyguard (pre-CU);
/way naboo 4875 -4590 Borvo the Hutt (After finishing jobs for his guard);

Herald NPCs Edit

/way naboo 4810 -4977 Ronin Lightrunner (Veermok Cave and Gungan Stronghold);

Other NPCs Edit

/way naboo 4764 -4794 V3-FX (Vortex Squadron T1);
/way naboo 4783 -4686 Moenia Chassis Dealer;

Faction LocationsEdit

/way naboo 4827 -4697 Rebel recruiter;

Star Wars LoreEdit

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