Metal Recycler draft schematic

Metal Recycler is a type of recycler.

Schematic info[edit | edit source]

Operation[edit | edit source]

Take for example 100 stack of steel, of any kind, planet, stats, & etc.

Drop the steel in/on the Recycler "Smelting Machine" while it's in your inventory, whatever you drop in/on it turns into Smelted, with 200 to all stats, and will pop back in your inventory. So now you have a 100 stack of Smelted, and in this case, Smelted Steel.

This is helpful for grinding, or for items that don't require experimentation.

It gets rid of a lot the extra resources you can't use, and makes them into stacks you can use.

You have to target on Smelting Machine, while it is in inventory & click on Choose Recycle Type now you click on either Ferrous or Non-Ferrous then drop your resource on it, of the appropriate type.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Since Patch 27 recycler components drop from any npc

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