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Skill tree
Master Merchant
Advertising IVEfficiency IVHiring IVManagement IV
Advertising IIIEfficiency IIIHiring IIIManagement III
Advertising IIEfficiency IIHiring IIManagement II
Advertising IEfficiency IHiring IManagement I
Novice Merchant

Profession Overview Edit

A Merchant is skilled at advertising and selling wares through a vendor. At the Novice Merchant skill level, the player earns the ability to place a NPC vendor of a random playable race. The Merchant also has the ability to place control vendors one at a time.

This profession requires 42 skill points to master, 29 of which go towards prerequisites.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 405,000 Merchant XP

Merchant XP is granted for operating vendors, as well as placing access fees on structures. For each hour a vendor is active, 50 pts of XP is earned. This amount does not update until a character interacts with the vendor. A character interacting with your vendor (restricted to once every 15 minutes for all of the merchant's vendors) grants 50 XP as well. Also, each time a character pays the access fee for a structure, 50 XP is earned.

Getting Started Edit

Training Novice Merchant requires 5,000 Merchant XP, and one branch from Artisan:

You can find a Profession Name trainer in one of the following locations:

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Abilities Edit

This profession grants no extra abilities

Community Information Edit

Profession Name Correspondent: Elyssa
Former Correspondents:

  • Geco
  • DocSavag

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