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Operating costs:

  • Maintenance: 20,000cr/ week.

Placeable on: Tatooine, Lok, Dantooine, Naboo, Rori, Corellia, Talus
Skill Needed to Use: Politician >> City Customization III Gardens
City Rank Required: 2

Notes: To be placed in a Player City by the mayor only, that has the right skill. Decoration.

Styles of Medium Gardens:

Corellian Medium Gardens:

  • Deed for: Simple Path (Garden)
  • Deed for: Spires (Garden)
  • Deed for: Arches (Garden)
  • Deed for: Simple Arrangement (Garden)
  • Deed for: Fountain & Benches (Garden)

Naboo Medium Gardens:

  • Deed for: Decorative Path (Garden)
  • Deed for: Curved Wall (Garden)
  • Deed for: Trees & Spire (Garden)
  • Deed for: Trees & Sphere (Garden)
  • Deed for: [Round] Fountain & Benches (Garden)

Tatooine Medium Gardens:

  • Deed for: Stone Path (Garden)
  • Deed for: Small Wall Arrangement (Garden)
  • Deed for: Dry Flora With Arch (Garden)
  • Deed for: Secluded Path (Garden)
  • Deed for: Café Area (Garden)

Schematic Info[]