A group of fanatical, if somewhat stupid, scientific progress hating ruffians. The gang was formed by an ex-scientist from the Empire who wanted nothing more than to put an end to the terrible weapons he was making. His three sons, all dullards in their own right, formed the meatlumps after Imperial assassins attempted to kill their father. They named themselves after their favorite Food.

  • Loot Note: These NPCs have loot that is requred for certain one time use schematics. They even drop some schematics. Do you have an auto-craft item such as an Orange Rug Automatic loom? Need all the thread pieces? Then look no further then Corellia. Even collection items for the structure storage collection can be found in Meatlump loot. These NPCs truly are a one stop shop for all your specific strange item needs.

Meatlumps: The NPC characters found on Corellia

Meatlump Hideout: Quest line to get inside the Meatlump Theme Park added in Chapter 10

Meatlumps Theme Park: Info on the Theme Park

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