The Loot Card

Swgkb tcglootcard set3 mastiffbowl

Feeding Bowl

TCG Card Number: 3SWG13
Description: Generally domesticated by Tusken Raiders as camp guards, or by Geonosians for ridding their hives of vermin, this massiff has been domesticated just for you! Release him inside your house so that you always have a friend waiting for you when you return home.

When this TCG Loot card is redeemed for an in-game item, you receive this Massiff House Pet for display in a structure you own. It wanders in your house, can be fed and eventually lays on the ground.

Tip: Place the feeding bowl in a structure you own, and open a radial menu on it to call your new friend. If he (or she) gets hungry, you'll see them blink their very own holo-emote to get your attention: radial the bowl again to get them some juicy bantha steaks!

Star Wars LoreEdit

Swgkb tcglootcard set3 mastiff

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