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Imperial presence

The Great Massassi Temple was built long ago by the long extinct natives of Yavin IV, the Massassi. After abandoning their base on Dantooine, the Rebel Alliance moved their operation to this location where they directed the Battle of Yavin.

This is the base that was used in the Episode IV: A New Hope as the base that Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin were looking for, it was also the staging area for the attack on the 1st Death Star.

After the Battle of Yavin, the Rebel Alliance dismantled its facilities at The Great Massassi Temple, retreating to a new, undisclosed location. However, a remnant force remains at this ancient location, fighting a rearguard action amidst the ponderous stone walls.

Location: Yavin IV, Entrance at /way -3150 -3050

  • No badge given for this POI

Special Features: The Great Massassi Temple on Yavin IV is not only a familiar location from the Star Wars: A New Hope; it's an excellent place to have PvP battles! With big open areas and small winding passages inside, stalking your enemy takes on a whole new feel. Take your stories and battles out to the Massassi Temple and pick up where the movies left off!
Factional NPC's low level quests for Imperial Combatants and Special Forces only

/way yavin4 -3109 -2972 Sgt. Ruwan Tokai;
/way yavin4 -3094 -2905 Lt. Commander Gins Darone;
/way yavin4 -2986 -2966 Cmdr. Liam Byrne;

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