The in-game mail function, represented by an icon of an envelope, will allow you to send and receive messages from other players. To begin using it, you can click on the icon in the toolbar, or you can press Ctrl+E (default).

If you have a message waiting for you, the icon will flash to notify you of the new message. To read the message, click on the e-mail and the message text will appear at the bottom of the screen.

To send a message, click on New. In the "To" field, type in the name of the character you wish to send the email to (you only need to enter the first name of the character). If you wish to send the message to more than one person, type in a semicolon (;) after the person's name, then type in the next name.

Type the message that you wish to give and then click on the Send button. If you wish to add any attachments (waypoints), drag them from your datapad into the attachment field.


  • you can send messages to characters in other galaxies, by using the following format when typing the name: Galaxy.Character (examples: Ahazi.Chewbacca ; Europe-Chimaera.Vader)
  • If you are a guild leader - or you have been given the appropriate permission by your guild leader - you can send a mail message to every member of your guild by addressing the message to guild.
  • the number of characters you can type in a single message is capped
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