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A mysterious Marauder in the jungle of Endor offers Munitions Traders the chance to create new armor in Game Update 5. Complete the Marauder's tasks to learn the schematics to craft new Assault Marauder Armor and Recon Marauder Armor!

A small, isolated tent lies nestled in the trees of Endor at /way 6400 -250 (closest starport to him is the Endor Research Outpost). Its single occupant is a Marauder named Macchbraus. Unlike others of his species, Macchbraus is willing to part with some of his ancestors' secrets if you are willing to trade information of your own.

Macchbraus offers crafting missions for Munitions Traders level 86 and above. The Marauder asks the armorsmith to give him pieces of crafted armor in return for a schematic of each piece of Assault and Recon armor, for a total of nine quests.

Each quest requires three different existing armor pieces, such as Padded Armor, Bone Armor, and Mabari Armor. The quest journal now tracks your progress as you craft each piece of armor, so you can always check to see your current progress in creating the armor pieces for Macchbraus.

The three crafted armor pieces must be crafted by the Munitions Trader handing them in to Macchbraus. The armor has to be created after accepting the quest and the pieces must be unequipped in the inventory.

One schematic for a piece of Recon Marauder Armor, one schematic for a piece of Assault Marauder Armor, and crafting experience are rewarded for the Munitions Trader's hard work. These schematics are No Trade and require level 86 to be learned.

Marauder Armor is lightweight and durable and is primarily used by nomads who appreciate the mobility of these armor sets.


Macchbraus offers a series of quests only for Munitions Traders. The quests are offered and completed in order:

Macchbraus's Marauder Armor Quests
(Each quest is given, and must be completed, in the order shown)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Boots Crafting Left Bracer Crafting Right Bracer Crafting Right Bicep Crafting Left Bicep Crafting Gloves Crafting Helmet Crafting Leggings Crafting Chest Plate Crafting

To do this quest line, each quest requires 3 armor pieces from 3 different sets of armor to be crafted. 9 Pieces of armor total per quest for 81 total pieces of armor. For all this work you will get 18 new schematics for 2 full sets of armor. The Marauder Reconnaissance armor and Marauder Assault armor sets; schematics for all 9 pieces of both sets.

You gain 2 schematics from completing each of the quests. One Reconnaissance and one Assault schematic based upon the item you are creating. In other words, Boots Crafting will yield 1 of each boot schematic and Chest Plate Crafting will yield the chestplate schematics.

As noted above, all schematics are No Trade so only the Munitions Trader who does the quests can use them.

Each quest must be executed in order. You will not be able to pick the schematics you want and do just those quests. So if you want the chest armor, you will need to do all the quests previous to it, obtaining all the previous schematics. These schematics require Munition Mastery V , level 86, to learn them.

You will gain 92307 experience for each of the nine quests for a total of 803763 experience.

Total Items Needed to be crafted[]

Components Needed
Armor Types Bone armor Composite armor Mabari armor Padded armor
Foot Armor Bone Armor Boots Composite Armor Boots Mabari Armor Boots --
Left Bracer Bone Armor Left Bracer Composite Armor Left Bracer -- Padded Armor Left Bracer
Right Bracer Bone Armor Right Bracer Composite Armor Right Bracer -- Padded Armor Right Bracer
Right Bicep Bone Armor Right Bicep Composite Armor Right Bicep -- Padded Armor Right Bicep
Left Bicep Bone Armor Left Bicep Composite Armor Left Bicep -- Padded Armor Left Bicep
Gloves Bone Armor Gloves Composite Armor Gloves Mabari Armor Gloves --
Helmet Bone Armor Helmet Composite Armor Helmet Mabari Armor Helmet --
Leggings Bone Armor Leggings Composite Armor Leggings Mabari Armor Leggings --
Chestplate Bone Armor Chestplate Composite Armor Chestplate Mabari Armor Chestplate --
Total Count 27 27 15 12

Total Resources Needed[]

Materials Needed
Bone Hide Scaley hide Wooly Hide Metal Solid Petrochem Fuel Synthetic Cloth Fiberplast Panel Reinforced Fiber Panel *Assault Core *Battle Core *Recon. Core
Boots Crafting 75 36 36 60 30 6 3 9
Left Bracer Crafting 75 36 36 150 75 6 3 9 3 6
Right Bracer Crafting 75 36 36 150 75 6 3 9 3 6
Right Bicep Crafting 75 36 36 150 75 6 3 9 3 6
Left Bicep Crafting 75 36 36 150 75 6 3 9 3 6
Gloves Crafting 45 21 21 60 30 6 3 9
**Helmet Crafting 120 60 60 240 120 6 3 9 6 6 6
**Leggings Crafting 135 66 66 270 135 6 3 9 6 6 6
**Chest Plate Crafting 150 225 75 600 150 6 3 9 9 9 21
Total 825 408 144 402 1830 765 54 27 81 33 45 33
* It is highly recommended that the cores be made as basic Basic Armor Cores to conserve resources. The armor is turned in to Macchbraus who does not care about the quality nor attributes of what has been made, simply how many units he gets.

** Require Matching Armor Cores from a Factory crate for each piece made.

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