Loot kits are special devices you can get from Junk Dealers in major cities. The Junk Dealers who give loot kits will always have all 5 types available, but note that you can only have one loot kit assembly device at a time in your inventory. If you are stuck on some kits, you can store them in either your deposit box on a Bank Terminal or your house and the Junk Dealers will allow you to take another one. Note, you may need to have an item salable to the junk dealer in the top level of your inventory to access the conversation chain to obtain the kit.

When speaking to the Junk Dealer, choose the option, "What sort of items do you have that you are looking to get rid of?". Next choose the option, "Why don't you just get some of the special components?". Next choose the option, "What good would a useless kit do me?". Next choose the option, "Hmmmm, well how much do you want for these kits?". Next choose the option, "Ok sounds good. What sort of kits do you have?". This will next present a list of options for choosing the kit you want. Choose accordingly.

Also, once you place a part in the loot kit you will not be able to remove it. It is highly recommeded that you gather all the parts needed before inserting them in the loot kit.

NPCs of most levels seem to drop various loot kit parts, with the NPC's level influencing the rarity of the part dropped - for example, the high-level Hutt Expeditionaries on Yavin IV drop mostly adhesives with the occasional "Uncommon" component, and Stormtroopers drop the "common" components most often.

By themselves they are pretty useless, but if you collect all the prerequisite parts for the loot kit, you could make a pretty rare decorative item.

The Nabooian Sculpture[edit | edit source]

Nabooian Style Sculpture

Requires these parts:

  • Rare
    • Nabooian Sculpture Adhesive
  • Uncommon
    • Nabooian Sculpture Gold Plating - First Coating
    • Nabooian Sculpture Gold Plating - Second Coating
  • Common
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - First Section
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - Second Section
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - Third Section
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - Fourth Section
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - Fifth Section
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - Sixth Section
    • Nabooian Sculpture Base - Seventh Section

The Giant Model Gong[edit | edit source]


Requires these parts:

  • Rare
    • Gong Adhesive
  • Uncommon
    • Gong Skin - Front Section
    • Gong Skin - Back Section
  • Common
    • Gong Structure - First Section
    • Gong Structure - Second Section
    • Gong Structure - Third Section
    • Gong Structure - Fourth Section
    • Gong Structure - Fifth Section
    • Gong Structure - Sixth Section
    • Gong Structure - Seventh Section

The Glass Top Table[edit | edit source]

Glass Top Table

Requires these parts:

  • Rare
    • Glass Top Table Adhesive
  • Uncommon
    • Glass Top Table - Small Glass Top
    • Glass Top Table - Large Glass Top
  • Common
    • Glass Top Table Base - First Section
    • Glass Top Table Base - Second Section
    • Glass Top Table Base - Third Section
    • Glass Top Table Base - Fourth Section
    • Glass Top Table Base - Fifth Section
    • Glass Top Table Base - Sixth Section
    • Glass Top Table Base - Seventh Section

The Orange Rug[edit | edit source]

Auto-Loomed Orange Rug

Requires these parts:

  • Rare
    • Orange Rug Adhesive
  • Uncommon
    • Orange Rug Dye
    • Orange Rug Cloth Patches
  • Common
    • Orange Rug Thread - First section
    • Orange Rug Thread - Second section
    • Orange Rug Thread - Third section
    • Orange Rug Thread - Fourth section
    • Orange Rug Thread - Fifth section
    • Orange Rug Thread - Sixth section
    • Orange Rug Thread - Seventh section

The Blue Rug[edit | edit source]

Auto-Loomed Blue Rug

Requires these parts:

  • Rare
    • Blue Rug Adhesive
  • Uncommon
    • Blue Rug Dye
    • Blue Rug Cloth Patches
  • Common
    • Blue Rug Thread - First section
    • Blue Rug Thread - Second section
    • Blue Rug Thread - Third section
    • Blue Rug Thread - Fourth section
    • Blue Rug Thread - Fifth section
    • Blue Rug Thread - Sixth section
    • Blue Rug Thread - Seventh section

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