Altough its origins are unknown, the lesser Sarlacc of Dathomir is still almost as frightening as its larger relative on Tatooine.

The sarlacc is an omnivorous, immobile beast, found on several planets. The largest known member of the species resides in the Great Pit of Carkoon. It consists of a single giant beak and many tentacles emerging from the depths of its pit as well as the spike-like teeth that help get prey caught inside the pit long enough for the tentacles to grab it. Xenobiologists are unsure as to whether the sarlacc is animal or plant, as it possesses characteristics of both kingdoms. They reproduce by spitting out a small dart like object that attaches to a living creature and the lavae that emerges from the dart devours the attached creature in some way. A Stormtrooper's dewback was the first thing Carkoon's dart pod attached to; it was pulled off when the Stormtrooper paid a Jawa to take care of it for the night. Sarlaccs have long tentacles that can reach up to 5 meters. Boba Fett,,Starkiller,and Zorba the Hutt are the only three known to have escaped a Sarlacc.

Location: Dathomir

  • location badge -2102 3165

Type: General Location Badge
Special Features:
There is a weapon for the weapon mark II just where the sarlaac is.

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